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Looking for a Bulldog Puppy HEADING_TITLE

Are you looking for a Pup and don't know where to start!

Yes, a bulldog puppy is hard to find, by the number of calls I get weekly, it is clear that a lot of people are keen to obtain a pup. I can understand why, I have become a breeder because I love the idea of being surrounded by Bulldogs!

Now....How to get  your very own Bulldog Pup.....

Contact and talk to as many breeders you can find. Stay in touch with the breeders that you like and feel you can develop a relationship with.

How to find a breeder:

  • Visit dog shows i.e. The Royal Melbourne Show
  • Search the internet i.e. dogzonline
  • Search directories i.e. yellow pages
  • Contact your local Bulldog Club

Join your local Bulldog Club - this will allow you to meet other breeders and develop friendships with other Bulldog Lovers. This will also allow you to research the breed and establish what standards you want from a Bulldog when offered one. Buying a Bulldog is a purchase you need to make sure you're happy with as it is a lot of money to spend. Finding out that your dog doesn't meet the standard required for an English bulldog can break your heart down the track. 

Be patient...... we were on a waiting list for 18 months for our first Bulldog and that was a few years ago. We joined the Vic Bulldog Club and went on the waiting list.

Important information when taking on a pup

Around 8 - 10 weeks is usually when a puppy is placed in its new home.

Bringing your new puppy home is an exciting time for you, although possibly a little bewildering for your puppy. Remember that your puppy needs to be allowed to rest and settle in without too much interference.

Socialising your puppy with other dogs is important, give it the opportunity for safe, controlled interaction with dogs whose owners you know and be sure the dogs are immunised.

Owning a dog can be a great joy. But a happy, obedient relationship with your dog does not happen automatically. You must teach him a few simple rules of behaviour, so that he respects you and develops into a well mannered, obedient pet.

Helpful Hints

  • Make sure your bulldog is cared for in the heat.
  • Treat your bulldog as a baby in the early stages of growing.
  • Do not let your bulldog jump out of cars or off lounges as their bones are brittle as babies.
  • Always make sure your bulldog is vaccinated
  • Do not over exercise your bulldog as a baby or he will look like a boxer.
  • Try to associate your bulldog as much as possible.
  • Never leave a collar on your bulldog.
  • No Bones or large chunks of meat.
  • Bulldogs have a lot of trouble swimming so do not leave them unattended near deep water.
  • Make sure your bulldog always has fresh clean water.
  • Do not let your bulldog become overweight.

Pre-Sale checklist for puppy buyers

Ask the questions -You can never ask too many questions. Remember Breeders love talking about Bulldogs.

  • Ask to see the puppies' Vaccination Certificates
  • Make sure the puppy is at least eight weeks old before the breeder lets you take it home.
  • Take a look at the entire litter and the parents (preferably both, if possible).
  • Take a look at any other dogs on the property. Make sure the puppies are clean, active and friendly. These are all good indications of healthy, well-bred puppies.
  • Is the vendor a current member of DOGS Victoria?
  • DOGS Victoria breeders are held to a strict Code of Ethics.
  • Are the parents of the pups DOGS Victoria registered?
    If so, are the puppies registered on the Main or Limited Register? Ask to see the Registration Certificates of parents and pups.
  • A typed or written "Pedigree" (family tree)is NOT a Registration Certificate.
  • You are entitled to check the information you are given with DOGS Victoria. If the DOGS Victoria/ANKC Registration Certificates (papers)are not available, contact DOGS Victoria to find out if the Breeders are registered with DOGS Victoria and if the Litter Registration has been lodged.
    Get everything in writing.
  • Visit: for more information

Krate Training

What is Krate Training? When the pups are just a few weeks old, we start krate training. Krate's provide pups with a safe and secure area to sleep or retreat to when they're unsure of their surroundings.  All our pups are Krate trained as most pups go to homes as inside dogs.

We aim to have all our pups into a routine for sleep and toilet training. They also recognise and will respond to their names.

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