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About The Bulldog HEADING_TITLE

Country of Origin:                                      


Most suit as:                                             

 A Family Pet.


The English Bulldog weighs 22 - 25kg (481/2 551b). Males tend to be heavier than the bitches.

Proportion /Symmetry:                              

The circumference of the skull in front of the ears should measure at least the height of the dog at the shoulders.

Coat Type & Colour:                                  

The coat is short-haired. The colour of coat should be uniform, pure of its kind and brilliant. Solid black is very undesirable, but not so objectionable if occurring to a moderate degree in piebald patches. The brindles to be perfect should have a fine, even and equal distribution of the composite colours. In brindles and solid colours a small white patch on the chest is not considered detrimental. They are very affectionate and prefer to be close to the family.

Life Expectancy           

The average life for a Bulldog is around 10 or so although there are many who live years beyond that.


The style and carriage are peculiar, his gait being a loose-jointed, shuffling, sidewise motion, giving the characteristic "roll." The action must, however, be unrestrained, free and vigorous.


The disposition should be equable and kind, resolute and courageous (not vicious or aggressive), and demeanour should be pacific and dignified. These attributes should be countenanced by the expression and behaviour.


The Bulldog is animated, spontaneous, uncom­plicated, and equable with a sense of humour, gentle-natured, sensitive but demanding of itself, and is intrepid if necessary, intelligent in a thoughtful way, and peaceful in the house. They are very affectionate and prefer to be close to the family.

Social Behaviour         

Mixing with other dogs and household pets is usually problem-free. They make ideal friends for children and are very tolerant. Most also have a well-developed sense of humour. Some English Bulldogs are extremely wary, while others are friends with everybody.


This breed is usually easy to train. They are very sensitive to your voice or voices and will often respond to a friendly but determined request. In no circumstances should they be severely treated but do not let them take liberties either. Remain at all times consistent and clear with them. Note: He does not make a good dog for the obedience enthusiast. They can be stubborn!

Care Required              

Regular brushing with a rough cloth is usually all that is required. When the Bulldog moults, it is easy to remove dead and loose hairs with a rubber brush. Care should be taken not to over feed as your bulldog would prefer not to exercise. A bulldog should not be over exerted in hot weather.

Special care and attention should be taken to keep your bulldogs wrinkles and under its tail clean especially during hot weather. When necessary clean the folds in the face with a special lotion made for this purpose.


This is not a breed requiring long walks. The English bulldog will be quite happy with just a short daily outing. For the rest of the time they will be pleased to stay in the house or garden, provided the family is close by. This makes them ideal for less active people.

Bulldogs should not romp with the kids during the heat of a warm spring or summer day. When temperatures increase, the dogs should have an air-conditioned area. In addition, if the dog pants too violently or for a prolonged period, the membranes in the throat can dry out and swell, leading to escalating breathing difficulties.

Bulldog puppies have a tendency to keep on running and playing until they are exhausted. Make sure that they get sufficient rest and limit their exercise so that their energy can be used to build healthy bones, joints, and muscles.

Bulldogs And Water    

Bulldogs can't swim well at all and extreme caution should be taken when a bulldog is around water to avoid drowning. Although they should be kept out of deep pools, a few inches of water in a kid's pool outside is a welcome site to most Bulldogs.

Breeding Bulldogs      

Breeding is not a good choice for the average family pet. Breeding is very difficult and expensive with the bulldog. It's best left to those who have a devotion and passion for the breed. Breeding will not improve the health or happiness of a dog and in some cases breeding is fatal. Caesarean deliveries are needed.


The Bulldog is a quiet pet (sometimes there not), loyal to its family and protective when necessary, but happy to curl up on the sofa and snore, eat two or three square meals a day plus anything you throw at them, and will not say no to a belly rub occasionally. A bulldog can be a clown and can be stubborn to train, but a bulldog is good-natured and willing to be guided to good behaviour if your bulldog thinks it was their idea.

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